Hamlin Park Advisory Council

HPAC is a volunteer group that strives to improve Hamlin Park through neighborhood events and volunteer efforts. HPAC works closely with the Chicago Park District, the Ward 32 Alderman’s Office and other key stakeholders to ensure that Hamlin Park remains a fun, safe and welcoming community-based facility.

About The Park

Hamlin Park Advisory Council was established in 2012 and was focused on creating a playground that was desirable for kids and parents alike. Throughout the years, the council has organized community events, replaced pool chairs as well as helped maintain the the playground and dog park amongst other projects.


Recent HPAC News

Donate to the Park

Much of HPAC’s projects are funded by the generosity of neighbors and community members. Without this giving spirit, the council would not be able to provide the amenities we enjoy at our park. Please consider a donation so that we are able to continue to maintain the safe and beautiful park facilities.

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My Chi Parks App

My Chi Parks™ is a FREE app that features the complete line up of Night Out in the Parks. Night Out in the Parks brings hundreds of diverse and unique cultural events to Chicago's neighborhood parks throughout the year. To view the Night Out in the Parks schedule on our website: www.nightoutintheparks.com.

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Contact Us

3035 N Hoyne Avenue Chicago, IL 60618 (312) 742-7785 hamlinparkac@gmail.com

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